Monday, September 20, 2010


Dear 30s,

Guess who I met? Someone who didn't like you!!!

I was so shocked. I was sitting around with a bunch of ladies in the hot tub when we started talking about me and 40. I was telling them just how much I disliked forty. How much I missed being with you, 30.

I told them all about the great times we had together. About all the friends we made, about the kids we raised. I told them how with you I really felt like myself. Unlike, now, with 40 - how even after 1 year I still can't seem to find the right rhythm. I feel like I should still be with you.  40 just seems so old.  Tendinitis, dislocated patella, children in High School.  Doesn't that sound like old people stuff.  Just the thought of getting with 40 was so taunting I didn't even want to celebrate.  I left the country...but 40 still found me in Paris and we came back to the states together.

Anyway,   I was going on and on and we got to talking about who we liked being with.  I asked my friend who is probably now hanging with 70 and she said she can remember feeling the same way about YOU.  Yes, that's right 30 - she didn't like you.  She dreaded being with you and still to this day remembers hating the day you came into her life.  She enjoyed 20s then once you came she just didn't like it.  Everything I feel about 40, she felt for you.  It was a little scary since it's been about forty years since you and her have been together and she still remembers how terrible you made her life.  I'm hoping in forty years I have forgotten all this anger and sadness of being with 40, but you never know.

When I asked her what time she liked best.  She said "Well, I guess RIGHT NOW!  I have my life just where I want it.  I'm free to do the things I want, and still healthy enough to do them.  I have friends I like and have weeded out the ones I didn't.  I travel.  My family spends time with me.  I'm loving now."

So aside from the fact that I found it completely interesting that someone actually hated you.  I now know what it takes to be content in the NOW.  I just hope I don't have to wait until I meet 70 to finally have it all together.  Maybe I should start working on some of it now.  Okay - well, if I was going to get rid of unwanted connections I would start with 40!  Hmmm, 

Missing you....more than that other lady.


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