Monday, April 12, 2010

The first letter

Dear 30's,

Well, its been over six months since you left me and I have to tell you that I still miss you.  I mean it's not like I didn't know you were leaving.  That was the plan right?  When you first came to me you and I both new our time together was only going to last 10 yrs, I just didn't know how short 10 years could be. AND I didn't understand what it meant that 40 would be coming after you.  I really enjoyed our time together and I got spoiled by all of the wonderful things that you brought to my life.  I loved my new sense of self, my new confidence and yes you even had me feeling sexier than those who came before you.  Being with you was AMAZING.  I look back at pictures of us together and sigh with the memories of just how compatible we were.  Then, just like it was nothing to you, like 10 year meant NOTHING you took off.  No note, not a single word of goodbye - just one day you were there and then the next day you were gone and 40 was in your place.

It took me a long time to remember that I can't check the box of us together.  I now have moved on and have to check the box with 40.  That's awful 40-55, or 40+  are you kidding me?  When we were together we were always grouped with all those younger ones, remember...25-35 or 30-34 all those wonderful numbers that kept me in the group of young vibrant people.  Now.  Well, now that your gone I might as well be headed to medicare. 

I am furious with you for some of the things you took with you.  Aside from my ability to check the old boxes I really think you should have checked with me before you took my stuff.  I want you to send back my wrinkle free forehead, my stamina, my ability to stay out late with my friends and my Miss.  Everyone now says Ma'am - so return that one first.

I have set a few things of yours out on the porch - the tendonitis (I didn't have before I met you), the cellulite, the acid reflux, and the grey hairs.  All of these I didn't have before we met and definately do not want to bring them into my new relationship with the 40s.

P.S.  if you run into my 20s have then return my perky breasts and my stretch mark free stomach!!!

Missing you,

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  1. Cesily....just wait until you are over 50!!!
    Love the blog.